B&B Villa Zomerland, Hofweg 25, Julianadorp, Curaçao

Bed & Breakfast “Villa Zomerland” uses the following general terms and conditions.
These apply from the moment of reservation up to and including the stay in our B&B.
These General Terms and Conditions come into effect upon entering into a rental agreement.

1.  General:
      1.1    These General Terms and Conditions apply to all guests of B&B Villa Zomerland
      1.2    Where you read “guest(s)” in these conditions, you can also read “renter(s)” or “user(s)”.
      1.3    These General Terms and Conditions come into effect upon entering into a rental agreement.
      1.4    Guests must have a permanent place of residence or residence and be at least 23 years or older.
      1.5    Guests must follow the instructions of the B&B owner.
      1.6    The administrators can immediately deny and/or refuse guests access to the B&B in the event of violation of the                                         general terms and conditions and/or the internal regulations or in case of inappropriate behavior, without further                                           notification of reasons and without refund of accommodation costs. These general terms and conditions/household                                     regulations come into effect upon reservation.
      1.7    The administration of the administrators is decisive in the event of a mutual disagreement unless the guests can                                         prove the contrary.
      1.8    Guests of B&B must adhere to the internal regulations.
2.  Prices:
      2.1    The rates include tourist tax, excl. use of air conditioning.
      2.2    Bed linen and towels are included.
      2.3    Breakfast is a choice for the 1st day after arrival, for which extra costs will be charged.
      2.4    The rates do not include the costs of cancellation and travel insurance.
      2.5    The B&B’s rates are subject to price changes and can be found on the B&B’s website.
      2.6    Prices and rates are stated subject to typesetting and/or printing errors.
3.    Reservation and confirmation:
      3.1    The minimum stay in the B&B is 3 nights.
      3.2    The rental agreement can be concluded verbally, by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.
      3.3    After receiving your reservation request, B&B will send a confirmation (if space is available).
      3.4    The reservation is final after a 25% deposit.
      3.5    No additional reservation costs will be charged for booking a stay in B&B.
4.  Payment:
      4.1   The accommodation costs must be paid by bank transfer no later than two weeks before arrival.
      4.2    If you reserve less than two weeks before arrival, you must pay the accommodation costs to us immediately by bank transfer.
      4.3    Payment in full must be made upon arrival.
      4.4    The costs must be transferred to our bank account number. stating the invoice number. You can also make your payment                           in cash  upon arrival if bank transfer is not possible.
      4.5    A deposit of 25% is required upon stay and reservation. This deposit must be paid by bank within 5 days. You can also                               make your payment in cash upon arrival if bank transfer is not possible.
5.  Cancellation:
      5.1    If you are unexpectedly unable to comply with the rental agreement entered into, you must report this to the B&B as soon                           as possible so that the vacant accommodations can still be offered to third parties.
      5.2    In the event of cancellation, the guest(s) will pay a fee to the B&B
      5.3    In the event of cancellation, this consists of:
      5.4    1 to 14 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount
      5.5    15 to 21 days before arrival: 75% of the total amount incl. full 25% deposit
      5.6    22 to 30 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount incl. full deposit 25%
      5.7    To be eligible for a refund of the amount already paid (if applicable), the cancellation must be communicated to the B&B                             in writing (by email or post).
6.  Liability:
      6.1    All risks associated with a stay in a B&B are borne by the guests.
      6.2    We cannot be held liable for personal injury resulting from the stay in the B&B.
      6.3    Damage and loss of movable and immovable property of the managers must be immediately reported and compensated                           by the guests.
      6.4    The managers are not liable for damage, loss or theft of guests’ property. In the event of disputes, all (legal) costs will be                             borne by the guests.
      6.5    In the event of loss of keys and remote control of the B&B, all resulting costs will be charged to the guest(s).
7.  Force majeur:
      7.1    In the event of force majeure, both permanent and temporary, the B&B is entitled to dissolve or temporarily suspend the                             agreement in whole or in whole or in part without the guest being able to claim performance and/or compensation.
      7.2    Force majeure includes, but is not limited to: danger of war, war, rebellion, molestation, strikes,  boycott, disruptions in                                 the energy circuit, traffic or transport, government measures, scarcity of raw materials, natural disasters and also all                                   circumstances, extraordinary weather conditions, death of a of owners or close family members, etc., under which full                                 or partial compliance with the agreement cannot be expected of the B&B in accordance with
8.    Privacy:
      8.1    The B&B will treat all personal data provided or made known to it confidentially and will not make it freely available to                                 third parties.